Assessment and Tutoring

Students will have the opportunity to answer a variety of statistics questions and get instant feedback. In addition, if they are struggling with any specific question, they have the option to ask for help in the form of hints that break the question’s solution down step-by-step.

Easily Create and Assign Questions

Teachers can easily create custom assignments by individually picking questions from a large library of statistics questions. This flexibility gives teachers the power to meet the specific learning needs of their students. Once they create their unique problem set, assigning it to students takes seconds.

Additional Assessment And Tutoring Features

Multiple Answer Types

Our questions assess students using multiple answer types including numeric, fill-in, check-all that apply, free response and multiple choice.

Adaptive Rounding Error

For questions with numeric answers, the rounding error deemed acceptable automatically adapts to match the complexity of the question in an effort to correctly assess student understanding.

Randomize Question Order

Teachers have the option to randomize the order that questions are presented to students, or allow all students to view the questions in duplicate order.

Real-Time Learning Charts

Teachers can access student learning in real-time with charts that update every 10 seconds. The charts afford easier understanding of learning at the classroom level, or by student or problem.

Learning Reports

Individual learning reports are available for teachers who are looking to find learning data at a more granular level than the learning charts provide.

Download Learning Data

Teachers looking to access their data in spreadsheet form can easily download their student’s learning data for external analysis.

"The questions help students focus their review, and the abundance of assignments is very beneficial. My students love these and I really appreciate all of the efforts you have been putting in. This is a tremendous resource."

Steve Geislinger, AP Statistics Teacher Arcadia High School - Scottsdale, AZ

RStudio Statistics Software

All teachers and students receive their own individual RStudio accounts that allows for beginner to advanced statistical analysis. Students will have the option to access their own RStudio accounts directly in their web browsers. RStudio is an easy to use interface for the free and open-source R statistics package. With RStudio, students will have the option to quickly analyze and model data, create custom graphics suitable for easy export to Google Docs, run simulations, and learn one of the world’s most powerful analytics platforms.

Additional Platform Features

Key Topics Summarized

Tutorial pages that summarize important information are available for all major statistics and R/RStudio related concepts to support learning.

Video Lessons

All lessons come with specific examples as well as videos lessons to fully explain key statistics and R/RStudio concepts.

Free Statistics Textbooks

Easily access our collection of high quality statistics textbooks that have been made available to the public for free.

Community Message Board

Access our site’s message board built specifically to share ideas and to foster community among statistical educators worldwide.

Fully Customizable

Looking to meet the various needs of statistical educators, our site was built from the ground up to be highly customizable. Create problem sets with only the problems you want, due at a specific date and time you choose. Want to assign problems to only one student, or randomize question ordering? All can be done with ease.

100% Free

This website has been funded by the National Science Foundation. Access this website, and all of its resources for free.

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