Describing Data - Categorical vs Numerical
Measures of Center

Percentiles – Quartiles – IQR – 5 Number Summary
Standard Deviation
Resistant vs. Nonresistant Measures
Describing Distributions
Linear Transformations


TI - Calculating Numerical Summaries
TI - Boxplot and Histograms

R - Calculating Numerical Summaries
R - Histograms
> R - Boxplots
R - Stem-And-Leaf

Normal Distribution

Continuous Distributions and Density Curves
> Normal Density Curve & the Empirical Rule
Z-Score and Basic Normal Distribution Calculations
> Advanced Normal Distribution Calculations

Assessing Normality

Using Technology

TI - Normal Distribution Calculations
R - Normal Distribution Calculations

Linear Regression

> Least Squares Regression Line
> Residuals and Residual Plots
> Extrapolation, Outliers, Lurking Variables

Non-Linear Regression

* Exponential Growth
> Power Law

Design of Experiments and Surveys

* Using table of Random Digits
* Designing an Experiment

Random Variables

Difference between Discrete & Continuous
Calculating the Mean, Variance, & Standard Deviation of Discrete Random Variables
> Combining and Subtracting Distributions

Binomial and Geometric Distributions

Binomial Distribution
Geometric Distribution

Sampling Distributions

> Difference Between Statistics and Parameters
> Sampling Distribution of Sample Proportions
> Sampling Distributions of Sample Means
> Central Limit Theorem
> Biased and Unbiased Estimators

Inference for Means

Introduction to Confidence Intervals

Confidence Intervals: 1 Sample Mean Z
Confidence Intervals: 1 Sample Mean t
Confidence Intervals: Matched Pairs
Confidence Intervals: 2 Sample Means
Introduction to Hypothesis Testing
> Hypothesis Testing - 1 Sample Mean - Z

> Hypothesis Testing - 1 Sample Mean - T
> Hypothesis Testing - Matched Pairs

Hypothesis Testing - 2 Sample Means

Inference for Proportions

Confidence Interval – 1 Proportion
Confidence Interval – 2 Proportions
Hypothesis Test – 1 Proportion
Hypothesis Test – 2 Proportions

Chi-Square Inference

> Chi-Square Distribution
Chi-Square – Goodness of Fit
> Chi-Square Test for Homogeneity
> Chi-Square Test for Independence/Association

Linear Regression Inference

Linear Regression Inference
Interpreting Linear Regression Computer Output